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MS110 series

01 Description

Volume Booster MS110 is one-to-one signal to output supply air, when used with a Positioner and Actuator, it is a control device to increase the stroking speed of control valves.

02 Features

  • Precise and fast response.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity control allows this Volume Booster to meet various.
  • control valve requirements. 
  • Soft seats provide tight shut off to reduce unnecessary air consumption. 
  • Small size and light weight allow the Volume Booster to be installed directly inline without a bracket. 

03 Specifications

Max Supply pressure1MPa
Max.Signal/Output Pressure0.14~0.7MPa
Fixed Input to Output Pressure Ratio1:1
Flow Capacity (CV)Exhaust2.1
Signal ConnectionNPT(PT)1/2
Supply/Output ConnectionNPT(PT)1/2
Operating Temp.-20°C~70°C (Standard Type)
MaterialAluminum diecasting